Types of Security Cameras

Posted on: 17 December 2014

If you have decided that you need to install security cameras for your business, you have several different types to choose from.

It is important that you choose the right type of camera for what it will be used to monitor. For instance, if you need a camera for outdoors, you will need to have a special model that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Here are some different types of security cameras, and how they are used.

Bullet Cameras

This type of security camera is mounted to a wall or ceiling, and is designed to be used indoors. But, there are some types of bullet cameras that can also be used outdoors. Bullet security cameras are slim and cylindrical in shape, and some models are waterproof. There is usually no pan, tilt, or zoom features. This is a fixed camera, and takes images from the area that it is pointed at.

Dome Cameras

These have housings that are shaped like domes, so they don't stick out as much as a regular camera would. You will find this type of security camera in retail establishments. Because it is not hidden and out in plain sight, a dome camera will not only deter criminals, but it will also let honest patrons know that they are safe while in your establishment.

Discreet Cameras

You can get security cameras that don't look like cameras at all, so no one but you will know that they have been installed. These security cameras can be made to look like smoke detectors, clocks, and other devices.

There are also discreet cameras that still look like cameras, but are set up in locations that are hidden so that they can't be seen.

Infrared Cameras

If you are installing a security camera to keep an eye on your business at night, you may want to get an infrared or a night vision camera. These will capture images no matter how dark it is outside. They can even be used as mobile cameras.

Day and Night Cameras

Another option for outdoor use besides infrared cameras for night time is a day and night camera. These will capture images throughout the daytime and the nighttime, and the lenses can sense different light conditions, and alter itself accordingly. They can capture images under any lighting condition, including direct sunlight, and have functions that help to reduce glare. These cameras are often used for parking lots, which are being used 24/7.

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