Choosing Security Screens for Residential Windows

Posted on: 3 September 2015

There are different aspects in the home that you should evaluate when enhancing the security. The main elements are the potential routes of access for unauthorised people like robbers or burglars. Ideally, the intruders focus on weaknesses in existing entry points in the home, usually, doors and windows. If you want to improve your residential safety, you must reinforce these areas. One of the best methods is to install security screens. Generally, most homeowners use them only on doors and forget that windows are also accessible. Security screens are metal grille or mesh window applications which allow flow of natural light and breeze, without compromising the interior security. If you are thinking about installing this feature, consider these aspects when choosing  product.

Fixed vs. Operable

The security screens for residential windows are fabricated for different types of installations. The two primary choices before purchase should be whether the screens will be fixed or operable. Fixed screens are the most secure choice for accessible windows. The structures are permanent and impenetrable, so the intruder will not have a vulnerable area to target. The fixed screen can be clamped with screws or even welded for ultimate security. On the other hand, this screen style is limiting because you cannot escape through the window in a hazardous situation.

Operable screens are secure as long as they are fabricated and installed properly. They are favourable because the structure can be released in case of emergency. Unfortunately, this means that there is a weakness at the hinges which can be exploited. You should choose a product with triple hinges for increased strength and long-term support. In addition, you should ensure that there is a good locking mechanism to secure the screen.


The sub-frame is the structure onto which the window security screen will be attached. You should install a metal sub-frame instead of the regular timber frames to increase the security of your window. The security screens are made from resilient metal, so timber frames can be compromised if enough force is applied on the structure. A matching metal sub-frame is able to support the screen frames more securely because the material cannot be broken or bent.

Screen Material

Window security screens should be fabricated from steel. This material is resilient and sturdy therefore the grille cannot be compromised with shears or pliers. There are alternative screens made from aluminium mesh but most are only suitable as flyscreens. However, if you are set on aluminium, choose structural-grade perforated sheets.


The Truth About Home Security: What You Need to Know

When it comes to home security and crime levels in general, I think there are a lot of misconceptions out there. Some people think putting a leash on the porch to pretend you have a dog will keep criminals away. Others buy security systems but never engage them. Hi, my name is Edna, and I am a huge safety advocate. My late husband worked for the police force, so I always heard how things really were. I think securing your home and your family is critical, and I want to guide others toward the levels of safety that are right for them. Because of that, I created this blog. Here, you can get the truth about home security.