How A Guard Dog Could Enhance Your Home Security

Posted on: 27 June 2016

If you live in a large place out in the sticks, you may feel vulnerable to intruders.  Under these circumstances, you may be considering employing a security service to patrol your property with a guard dog.

But would a guard dog suit your circumstances?   Read on for some helpful information.

What makes guard dogs an effective burglar deterrent?

Dogs have very keen hearing and, as a consequence, will hear an intruder long before you do.  A dog will seek to defend its territory and its pack (that's you and your family), so it will bark to frighten off the would-be interloper and warn you of potential danger. 

Although a burglar alarm is noisy, they are easily activated by accident and are therefore often ignored.  A barking dog on the other hand is clearly on-site, and if it's hidden from view, the burglar has no idea just how large it is or what breed it is and is therefore unlikely to risk entering your property.  There's also the added bonus that your guard dog is accompanied by a handler who is highly trained in home security service provision.

What breed of guard dog is best?

Even the smallest dog works as a guard dog to some degree; a little bark is just as effective for raising the alarm as a big one.  However, because of the personal protection stand point that may be taken by your home security service provider, one of the larger breeds will probably be more suitable.  Popular breeds include German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Akitas, as they are not only intimidating to look at but also highly trainable. 

How A Guard Dog Works

The handler will take time to acclimatise your dog to your home.  They will take time to walk the dog around the perimeter and allow it to familiarise itself with the usual sights and sounds of the area.  When your dog becomes familiar with its newly designated home territory, it will begin to react when something happens that's outside the norm, alterting the handler to the possibility that an intruder is on the premises.

The dog will never be left alone on your property and will always be accompanied by its handler.  All the dog's requirements (food, water, vaccinations etc) will be taken care of by the security service provider, so all you have to worry about is paying the invoice at the end of each month.

In conclusion

A guard dog could provide a solution to your security dilemma if you live in a remote area and you're concerned that your burglar alarm alone might not be a sufficient deterrent for intruders.  Have a chat with good security services for more advice on hiring a guard dog and handler.   


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