Two Reasons to Install a Security Screen Door

Posted on: 22 January 2018

Many homeowners choose to have security screen doors fitted onto the exterior doors of their properties. Here are two reasons why you may want to consider doing this too.

It can enable you to safely interact with strangers who approach your home

It can be dangerous to open your front door when a stranger knocks on it. Whilst in most cases, the people who approach properties in this manner are simply delivering packages, selling goods, or offering their house maintenance services, there is always a risk that the next person who knocks on your door could be a criminal who intends to hurt you.

If you want to be able to answer your front door without endangering yourself, you might want to have a security screen door fitted.

In this situation, the security screen can serve as a partially see-through but robust barrier that will allow you to interact with those who approach your house, without putting yourself at risk of injury.

If for example, you have a disagreement with someone who has approached your home, and the situation escalates to the point where the other person becomes violent, the presence of the security screen will prevent them from being able to physically attack you or gain entry to your home.

It can reduce the likelihood of your home being burgled

If you live in a place where burglaries occur with great regularity, it would be wise to have a security screen door fitted.

The reason for this is as follows; an experienced burglar with the right set of tools can pick a standard door lock and get into a house in a matter of minutes. As such, even if you always remember to lock the exterior doors of your home before you go to work each day, there is still a chance that a burglar could get into your property and steal your valuables.

Installing a security screen door can significantly reduce the likelihood of this happening, as a door of this kind is extremely difficult for a burglar to open. It is made from very strong materials and is fitted in such a way that it would take an enormous amount of physical force as well as several power tools to pry open.

Because many burglars are aware of how much time, physical strength and equipment is required to break through a security screen, most will not even attempt to break into properties that feature this type of door.


The Truth About Home Security: What You Need to Know

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