Training Dogs

Posted on: 30 August 2018

Trained detection dogs are dogs that have been trained to use their senses to locate substances such as hard drugs, money, blood, dead bodies and contraband goods, among many other things. These dogs are usually left in the hands of handlers who identify the dogs' individual needs and offer training. There are many things that the dog needs to learn. These will promote discipline. One such attribute is obedience, and below are some of the reasons why a detection dog requires training on dog obedience.

Prevent liability lawsuits

Trained dogs can sometimes become unruly, and if they aren't obedient to their handlers, they can destroy property and injure people. For example, dogs can run around biting other people and causing injuries. When this happens, you will be forced to incur liability for medical expenses, trauma and other damage that may be suffered by the affected individuals.

Training a dog on obedience helps to keep it in control and prevent liability. Dogs are trained to read situations and identify danger; however, there are times when they may misread situations. When this happens, the handler needs to be able to control the dog. A dog that's adequately trained on obedience will follow the handler's orders even when their senses tell them to act against a certain individual.

Promote efficiency

Efficiency is an essential factor when carrying out detection exercises. A detection dog should survey the scene, sniff around and identify the drugs, money, blood, or other substances within the shortest period. It should not wander around or lose focus. Unfortunately, for dogs that have not been trained in obedience, this can easily happen. They will not regard the command of the handler; therefore, this can lead to a lot of time wastage on the scene.

Obedience training ensures that the dog takes the shortest time to inspect a scene with total accuracy and precision. This can lead to time and resource savings in the field.

Promote public safety

There is a need to ensure safety for the handler and members of the public within the vicinity of a trained dog. Instances of dogs going wild and failing to adhere to the command of the handler are not uncommon. Unfortunately, they can jeopardize the safety of the handler and anyone else within the area. Obedience training ensures that dogs only act when instructed by their handler, and this promotes safety in public and private settings.

Dog obedience is an essential attribute that will not only improve the detection capabilities of the dog but also promote safety and protect you from liability. Work with an experienced trainer to ensure that your dog gets both detection and obedience training.


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