Top Tips for VIP Security.

Posted on: 26 May 2019

Criminal groups, such as terrorists and thieves, are known to target VIPs. Therefore, it is vital for VIPs to have a skilled, organised and responsive security team. In the excerpt below, you will learn how to plan VIP security. 

Security guards. 

The security guards you hire must be qualified in VIP protection services. Unlike regular guards, VIP security guards may need advanced skills, such as martial arts, to neutralise human threats. Besides, they must be skilled in defensive and offensive driving. VIP security officers with a military or police background may be experienced in handling sophisticated weapons, such as sniper rifles and bombs. Such skills may come in handy during an attack. 

Home and office security.

Your VIP must feel safe at home and in the office. Therefore, the security officers must be vigilant. The team may advise the client to install security gadgets such as CCTV, alarm, fire detection, and restricted access systems at home and in the office. These systems must be inspected regularly to ensure that they are in optimal working condition. The team should also conduct patrols at home and the office to prevent security breaches. 

Data security. 

Today, VIPs are not only concerned about their physical security, but also their data security. Malicious individuals and terrorist groups often hack their devices and threaten to release confidential information if a ransom is not paid. Besides, modern cars have sophisticated computer systems that can be hacked to cause accidents. The VIP security team should, therefore, consist of individuals that are conversant in data security. For instance, mobile device management software allows you to track, lock and erase data on a lost device. These systems will also clean viruses and malware planted on the VIP's device. 


One of the most challenging tasks for VIP security is planning transport. Below are a few useful tips.

  • Survey the route and destination a few hours before your client travels. Preferably, liaise with local police or have a few security guards monitor the place before you arrive.
  • Ask your client to invest in armored vehicles that can be used if his or her life is under threat.
  • Reduce the number of people that have access to the VIP's itinerary. His or her movements should not be predictable.
  • Prepare a crisis management plan. For instance, how would the team react if a member of the public hurls insults at the VIP? Always act in your client's best interest. 

When planning VIP security, invest in skilled personnel, identify threats at home and the office, consider data security, and adequately prepare for transport. 


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