COVID Security: Four Central Precautions for Effective Temperature Monitoring

Posted on: 30 October 2020

The threat of COVID-19 necessitates the establishment of appropriate measures to protect the people in the workplace. Therefore, if you are in charge of commercial or industrial operations, it is important to think about the steps that you can take to ensure worker and customer safety. One of the critical guidelines for minimising the spread of the virus is conducting temperature checks. This process allows for the detection of fever which could indicate illness. If you are planning on establishing this measure or streamlining your security checks, consider using these outlined tips.

Train the Workers

Temperature checks should be conducted by trained individuals. Under ideal circumstances, you should engage qualified health professionals with an understanding of the right health measures to ensure safety in the workplace. Speciality agencies can provide such experts to handle the temperature screening work for your business. However, this might not be a feasible solution for all companies. If you cannot hire specialised professionals, you can plan for training your existing security personnel. The training will allow the in-house workers to handle the task.

Consider the Timing

It is crucial for you to think about the right timing for conducting the temperature check-ups in your workplace. Naturally, you will need to set up a screening area at the entrance so that the people coming into the business premises can be tested. However, you should also consider the well-being of the workers during their shifts. Note that a fever might develop after the initial entrance screening. You can mitigate the risks by planning for periodic screening within the workplace.

Keep Clear Records

Clear records are crucial for preventing the spread of the illness. Therefore, you should ensure that the temperature readings for the people tested within your workplace are written down. This will allow you to monitor any significant changes in the wellbeing of the employees. Consequently, you can establish appropriate measures for handling any active cases. The keeping of records will also promote accountability if there are questions about the measures taken to promote the health of workers and customers.

Plan for Reporting

Finally, there should be a clear protocol for reporting unusual readings detected during temperature screening. An unreliable framework for reporting could cause the spread of disease even with the monitoring processes in hand. In general, the reporting process should involve notifying the on-site manager of any fevers identified through the screening. Also, you should plan for isolation of potential cases and subsequent testing of individuals with high temperature. 

To get help with workplace temperature checks, talk to a security company in your area.


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