Considerations When Buying a Security Alarm System

Posted on: 1 September 2021

Although most homes have a security alarm, property owners do not give much thought to the security alarm in their homes. Since an alarm is meant to protect your home from intruders, it is only reasonable that you have the best alarm system on sale. The extract below details some factors to consider when buying and installing your home alarm system

Features of the Alarm     

Alarm systems are designed to warn you in case an unauthorised person tries to access your home. However, the alarm should include extra features such as: 

  • Motion detection and glass break sensors to warn you when someone breaks into your compound or breaks a windowpane.
  • Fire response mechanisms such as smoke detectors alert you of a fire.
  • If you live with an aged or sick person, the alarm should incorporate an emergency button that the person can press when they are in distress.
  • If you have valuables such as paintings or jewellery in your home, the alarm should have an asset protection sensor that warns you if the object has been moved or interfered with. 

Integration With Other Security Devices

Your home alarm should easily integrate with other home security devices. For instance, it should connect with the restricted access system to warn you if somebody keys in the wrong code at your gate or front door. If your security cameras have a face or number plate detection system, they should activate the alarm if they detect an unfamiliar vehicle or person.  

Buying Versus Leasing

In some cases, you could opt to lease rather than buy the system. For example, an expatriate with a one-year contract could opt to rent the alarm since they will only need it for a short while. When leasing an alarm, critically evaluate the leasing terms. For instance, what alarm system will the company install? Will the company offer routine maintenance? Besides, understand the rental terms. For example, what are the upfront costs of leasing the system? It could include an application and installation fee. Finally, ask about the monthly charges and the company's liability policy. 

Consider a Monitored Alarm

If possible, you should ask a security company to monitor the alarm. In such a way, they will respond once the alarm goes off. Do not be too fast to ask the company for monitoring services. Instead, examine the company's terms to prevent disputes after engaging them. For example, some security companies will charge an extra fee for false alarms. On the other hand, others will offer comprehensive monitoring services such as fire and burglar response, alarm installation, and repair. 

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The Truth About Home Security: What You Need to Know

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