Two surprising perks of having security guards at your big party

Posted on: 26 May 2022

If you're having a big party, here are some of the lesser-known perks that you could experience if you book a few security guards for this event.

You could avoid having to cover the cost of damage to the venue or your own property

One of the challenges of hosting any large gathering is that there is always a possibility that some of the guests could damage the venue (or your property, if you're hosting the party in your own home). If this happens, you could either be fined by the venue, in which case the total cost of your event could skyrocket, or you might have to replace some of your own furnishings or other items that the guests damaged (if they're unwilling to pay you). 

However, if you have a few security guards quietly surveying the venue or your home whilst the party is taking place, the likelihood of you having to deal with any unexpected costs of this nature will be far lower. This is because experienced security guards are usually excellent at spotting the type of behaviour that rowdy people tend to exhibit, just before they're about to cause a commotion (such as speaking a bit too loudly and brashly, showing signs of having had too much alcohol, etc.). As such, if you have some of these professionals at your gathering and a few of your guests begin to act up, these security guards can calmly intervene before said guests have the opportunity to, for example, damage an expensive piece of furniture at the venue or break some of your own crystalware. This could not only spare you a lot of money and embarrassment but will also ensure that these guests don't ruin the event for everyone else. 

Your guests will find it easier to relax 

The main purpose of a party is to create a setting in which people can socialise, as well as perhaps dine, dance and have a drink. However, if you host a big party without any security guards, some of your guests might feel too uneasy to fully enjoy the wonderful party you've organised for them. The reason for this is that having a large group of people in a venue or in your home can create a somewhat chaotic atmosphere if there are no security guards around who can maintain order and offer assistance to the guests who need it (such as guests who feel vulnerable or who feel intimidated by the behaviour of others who are at the event). 

Security guards can help to control the crowd as a whole by, for example, managing the movement of the guests as they go from your garden to the inside of your house, in a way that will prevent anyone from getting pushed or falling over. Their ability to quickly notice rowdy guests and, for instance, put a quick end to any arguments they might be trying to start with others, will also mean none of your guests will have to listen to those around them fighting. These forms of support could help all of your guests to fully relax and appreciate the food, drink, good company and music that you're going to provide.


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