Is Your CCTV Security System Secure? Tips to Keep Your Footage Safe

Posted on: 2 May 2023

CCTV security systems have become an essential tool in securing homes and businesses. They provide a level of surveillance that not only acts as a deterrent for criminal activity but can also help to provide evidence in the event of a security breach. However, having a CCTV security system installed is not enough. You must ensure that your footage is secure and protected from unauthorised access. In this blog, we'll provide tips on how to keep your CCTV security system secure.

Secure Your CCTV System with Strong Passwords

Designing a strong password is the first line of defence against unauthorised access to your CCTV security system. Create a hard guess password using a combination of upper and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols. You should never use personal information, such as your name or birthdate, as these can be easily guessed.

Regularly Update Your CCTV Security System's Software

Now and again, software updates will be released to address any security vulnerabilities found in your CCTV security system. Therefore, regularly check for and install any available software updates for your system. Failure to do so could leave your system open to unauthorised access.

Limit Access to Your CCTV Security System

Limiting access to your CCTV security system is essential in keeping your footage secure. Only provide access to authorised personnel who need to view the footage. This includes any third-party companies that may manage your CCTV security system. Consider implementing two-factor authentication to ensure that only authorised personnel can access the system.

Secure Your Network

Your CCTV security system may be connected to your network, which can be a security risk. Secure your network by changing the default network name and password and enabling network encryption. Also, consider setting up a separate network for your CCTV security system, which is not connected to your main network.

Secure Your CCTV Security System's Physical Location

The physical location of your CCTV security system is just as important as its digital security. Keep your system in a secure, locked site, and ensure that it is not accessible to unauthorised personnel. If your CCTV security system is installed outside, make sure it is in a weatherproof and vandal-proof enclosure.


Securing your CCTV security system is essential in keeping your footage safe from unauthorised access. By implementing strong passwords, regularly updating your software, limiting access and securing your network and physical location, you can ensure that your CCTV security system remains secure. For more info, contact a security alarm system installer today.


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